Providers of Energy Performance Certificates in the South East

Specialists in Domestic and Commercial EPCs



ABBE              Awarding Body for the Built Environment
ACDs              Accredited Construction Details
AEV                Auxiliary Energy Value
BER                Buildings Emissions Rate
BRE                Building Research Establishment
BRUKL           Buildings Regulations United Kingdom part L
CEN                Comité Européen de Normalisation (European Standards Committee)
CERT              Carbon Emissions Reduction Target
CHP                Combined Heat and Power
CIBSE             Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
CLG                Communities and Local Government
cm                   centimetre
CO                  Carbon monoxide
CO2                Carbon dioxide
CORGI            Council for Registered Gas Installers
DCLG              Department of Communities and Local Government
DEA                Domestic Energy Assessor/Assessment
DHW               Domestic Hot Water
DSM                Dynamic Simulation Model
ECA                Enhanced Capital Allowance
EN                   European Norm (European Standard)
EPBD              The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
EPC                Energy Performance Certificate
ETPL               Energy Technology Products List
EU                   European Union
FAQ                Frequently Asked Question
HIP                  Home Information Pack
HVAC             Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
ID                    Identification
iSBEM            interface tool for the Simplified Building Energy Model
ISO                 International Standards Organisation
kg                    kilogram
kW                  kilowatt
kWh                kilowatt hour
kWh/m²           kilowatt hours per square metre
LESA              Landlords Energy Saving Allowance
LTHW             Low Temperature Hot Water
LZC                 Low and Zero Carbon
m                     metre
m²                    square metre
NAEA             National Association of Estate Agents
NFOPP           National Federation of Property Professionals
NCM               National Calculation Methodology
nDEA              non-Domestic Energy Assessment (Commercial)
OEA                Ombudsman for Estate Agents
pdf                   portable document file (computer file format developed by Adobe)
PEA                 Predicted Energy Assessment
prEN               provisional European Norm (Initial form of a European standard)
PV                   PhotoVoltaic
RdSAP            Reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure
RICS               Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
RRN                Report Reference Number
SAP                 Standard Assessment Procedure
SBEM             Simplified Building Energy Model
SCoP              System Coefficient of Performance
SEDBUK        Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK
SEER              System Energy Efficiency Ratio
sq ft                 square feet
sq m                square metre(s)
TER                Target Emissions Rate
ton                   Imperial ton = 2,240 lbs UK (long ton)   2,000 lbs USA (short ton)
tonne               Metric ton = 1,000kg (approx 2205lbs)
UK                  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UPRN             Unique Property Reference Number
UWE               The University of the West of England



Accreditation scheme
A scheme authorised by the Government to ensure the correct credentials, training (ongoing), modus operandi, accuracy and auditing of Assessors.

A trained person who uses SAP or rdSAP software to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for domestic premises.
or A trained person who uses SBEM software to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for Commercial premises.

Self-contained living accomodation for a single household.  Not sharing kitchen and bathroom.

Energy Efficiency Rating
A measure of the overall efficiency of a building.  The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the building.

Environmental Impact Rating
A measure of a buildings environmental impact in terms of    CO2 emissions.  The higher the rating the lower the impact on the environment.

Low-e glass
Low-emissivity coatings are normally metal oxide coatings applied to glass, primarily to reduce heat losses.

Low energy demand
Industrial/Agricultural buildings which are not fully conditioned but may have localised conditioning for work stations, etc..  May be conditioned for a few days per year to permit seed germination.

Not a dwelling (all other)

Part L
Building Regulations for England & Wales Approved Document L2

Relevant person
The person who must commission and make available the EPC.

Room for residential purposes
Not a dwelling.  Includes a room in a hostel, hotel, hall of residence, residential home, etc..  Not a hospital room for patients.

Stand-alone building
A stand-alone building is free standing i.e. entirely detached.

Total useful floor area
Total enclosed space measured internally.

A measure of heat flow through a building material.  The lower the u-value the better the thermal